Hacktoberfest Recap

Hacktoberfest has come to an end and I finish all 4 of my pull requests, but there was definitely some ups and downs.

I think in the beginning I was overthinking everything and I ended up just looking and looking at different issues and project instead of just finding an issue and working on it. I definitely wasted some time but in the end I got everything done.

Overall I am not disappointed but I am little disappointed, I feel like I started my goal that I set for Hacktoberfest but never completed it.

I leaned a bit about butter-knife a library that you can use for android for field and method binding, but most of all I leaned a lot about git. Over all I am fairly happy with at least the process of what I completed.

I think my biggest take away from this was actually a disappointing on, 2 projects that I had legitimate interest in working on Anki-Droid and Fire-Fox fenix. Every time I found a reasonable issue that I though I could complete at my skill level, by the time I familiarized myself with the project someone had completed these issues, I think one ended up being a duplicate too. Both of these projects I plan to watch and contribute to whether I do that for this class or for myself.

But it is not all disappointment, I am definitely less intimidated to contribute to larger project, or a project in general and hopefully soon I will be able to find the right issues for a starting point in projects that I have real interest in.

As for What I completed for this Hacktoberfest you can find my pull requests here:

One: read about it in my blog here.

Two: read about it in my blog here.

Three: read about it in my blog here.

Four: read about it in my blog here.

Published by marss64

Computer Programming and Analysis student at Seneca College, Toronto. C/C++, Java, Linux, Android, SQL, and Database Administrations.

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